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ADEPT - Apparel Software - A system developed for apparel and Fashion industries.. Consumer tastes shift faster than ever before, so to succeed in this fast-paced environment, fashion companies must quickly identify and exploit new trends and ensure they have the right collections in-store at the right time to meet the brand expectations of their target customer. If products aren't shipped in the right quantity or don't represent the latest trend, companies suffer from markdowns, returns and unsold product. It is crucial to make rapid adjustments to every aspect of a collection, and ensure the timely availability of winning products.
Adept is proven to meet the needs of the fashion industry. With the help of Adept Users can create, modify and decide on collection items, product managers and users can execute on targets and product directors and executives can assess and adjust overall execution, aligning it with business goals.  More...


Sole Sole software is unique tool to draw L Section, Cross Section, Plan, contour and calculate quantity of road, canal, pipe line, railway track and airport runway and other similar geometries using survey data.

Sole is most user friendly and simplified software available in today’s market to full fill the need of survey work in different work condition and different project. It provides a complete market leading solution for the survey work. A well-designed interface and comprehensive feature bring out the entire job instantly with some clicks.

Sole use excel data file as input sheet. User enter data in excel file independently without interact with Sole. These file can be used in Sole to draw drawing, calculate quantity and doing different calculation. Sole output its drawing in Auto Cad, these drawings doesn’t have any relation to the Sole and can be saved modified or print separately.  More...



Nimble : Most Flexible software for School’s/Educational Institute’s A highly interactive school administration software. "The NIMBLE” is a state-of-art. PC based, software technology solution for cost effective management of schools.

The software is so flexible, expandable format is the same regardless of whether a school needs a single system in the school office or have a network for multiple users to share information.

A well-designed interface and comprehensive reporting options bring the information instantly to user's fingertips while sensitive data is protected by a multi-level password system.  More...


TravelSoft is a fully integrated reservation, accounting and management information system specially designed for the tour operator market. It is modular in design, with simple user-friendly screens and extensive screen-based help facilities. Travelsoft has been designed using modern development tools. TravelSoft  allows the tour operator to keep track of the component allocations against each date. Reports generated from the TravelSoft allows the tour operator to have clear picture of all his tours at all times, thus allowing better personnel and resource management. More...